Clips from Chromolume Theater’s West Coast
premiere, with Maya Sayre and Alex Allred.


“Next Thing You Know” (00:01:58)

Molly recommends Watership Down for [words] Bookstore  


[words] Staff Pick video (00:00:54)

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Clips by genre

Legit soprano - “I Could Have Danced All Night” (My Fair Lady)
Soprano mix - “Home(Dorothy’s Adventures in Oz)
Belt mix - “For the First Time in Forever” (Frozen)
Belt - “Don’t Say Another Word(Next Thing You Know)
Patter belt - “A Trip to the Library” (She Loves Me)
Pop belt - “That’s How You Know” (Fragments) [language warning]
Character belt (child) - “Green Food” (Pinkalicious)
Rock ballad/Movement work - “Complementary” (Drempels)
Cat work - Absolutely Halloween(Absolutely Halloween)

Comedic, absurdity, improv w. audience - Alice and the Wonderful Tea Party
Sitcomic, contemporary - Next Thing You Know
Comedic, child - Urinetown
Comedic, physical comedy (slapstick) - The Moor’s Petard
Dramatic, soft (confidantes) - The Late Christopher Bean part 1
Dramatic, dynamic (argument) - The Late Christopher Bean part 3

Classical: Viola (12th Night) [ends 02:18], Katherina (Shrew) [starts 02:19]
Contemporary, dramatic: Abby (Christopher Bean) [03:35 - 04:58]
Contemporary, Golluming it up: Cookie Claus (All About Santa)

[words] staff book recommendation

“Alice and the Wonderful Tea Party” (00:07:20)

Clips from an SMP for-school performance,
with Cydne Moore, Gray Silbert, and Celeste Akiki.