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Elisabeth Ness - Beauty and generosity as an actor only surpassed as a friend. Inspiration, comrade-at-arms, and study buddy. Your skill and support already working wonders.

Jonathan Gordon (pictured above) - True companion; an artist and a wizard — at much more than just helping me get this website so painlessly started.

Mom & Dad - Who understand everything and support with love and honesty. My friends, my confidantes, my ground.

Friends - Bounty and buoyancy.

Employers - Stephen Sunderlin at Vital; Jonah & Ellen Zimiles at [ Words ]; Julia Jones at Smith & Jones Mgmt.; Joe Barnes, Gillian Smith, & Richard Holmes at the Metropolitan Opera; B&N team 1847; Chris & Evelyn at SMP! More than keeping me paid and productive—onstage & off—you make me feel lucky in my work.

Teachers - Directors, instructors, producers, professors, magisters, especially those on my résumé and transcripts: those I’ve been gifted to be shaped by, and all others on the planet. Yours is the most important calling there is. In my work, and my life, I hope to honor and join you.

You! - Dear peruser!!

Thank You

Pictured in Gallery

(Absolutely Halloween) Celeste Akiki, Chris DeCarlo, Kristin Folk, Evelyn Rudie, Tea Wagner; (Holly & Snowflake) Areti Athanasopoulos, Jackee Bianchi, Andrea Boccaletti, Laura Boccaletti, Eric Geller, S. J. Harker, Michelle H. Talley; (Alice) Katy Erin, Lauren Holiday, Casey Lee Maher, Mary Ann Pianka; (Annabelle) Sandra Diana Cantu, Katy Erin, Mary Ann Pianka, Evelyn Rudie, Xavier J. Watson; (Bronies!) Joey Acuna Jr., Anna Grace Barlow, Brielle Batino, Mark Gelsomini, Joe Greene, Stephanie Hayslip, Taylor Jack Helmboldt, Rachel Hirshee, Hannah M. James, Jennifer Lin, Tom G. McMahon, Josey Montana McCoy, Blaine Miller, Shelley Regner, Gabby Sanalitro, Richy Storrs, Charlotte Mary Wen; (Cure) Sandra Diana Cantu, Katy Erin, Mary Ann Pianka, Brookelyn Rose; (Das Rheingold) Marissa Pepple, Robin Michelle Taylor, Bryn Terfel; (Dorothy’s Adventures) Megan Combes, Megan Fleming, Lauren Holiday, Casey Lee Maher, Mary Ann Pianka, Jessica Temple; (Einstein) Thomas Anawalt, Jonathan Brett, Katie Hotchkiss; (Happy Hour) Lu(cia) Bellini, Cassandra Nemzer, Linda Wartenweiler; (Christopher Bean) Sistina Barno, Jeff Maschi, Clinton L. Scott, Jeslyn Wheeless; (Love) Katy Erin, Merri Jamison, Melissa Mehrabian; (Figaro) Ruth L. Carver; (Moor’s Petard) Kim Cichelli, Nicholas Miles Newton; (mostlymusicals) Emily Clark, Emily Cohn, Tony Gonzalez, Mark Jacobson, Amanda Kruger, Jacob Lusk, Christopher Maikish, Gregory Nabours, Jeffrey Polk, Jasmin Richardson, Marie-France Ruaux, Amy Frances Schott, Laura L. Thomas; (Next Thing) Alex Allred, Maya Sayre, Brad Simanski; (Pillars of NY) Michael Cortez, Elizabeth Sekora; (Pinkalicious) Greg Barresi, Colleen Fee, Mathew Pelliccia, Meg Sawabini, Erin Wegner Brooks; (SeaWife) Tommy Crawford, Eloïse Eonnet, Alex Grubbs, Will Turner, Tony Vo, Douglas Waterbury-Tieman; (She Loves Me) Nicholas J. Clarey; (Simon the Invisible Boy) Ian Abadilla, Lauren Downie, Jake Levitt, Chris Poeschl; (Shrew) Michael Hagins; (Tempest) Enrique Huili, Gillian Hurst, Tony White; (12 Dates) Bridget Rue; (Urinetown) Brad Parks; (Woyzeck) Kate Berman, Giselle Chatelain, Haley Greenstein, Sarah Segal-Lazar